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Description of AppLock Master - Lockdown

With <b>AppLock Master - LockDown</b>

You can lock individual apps with pattern lock or pin passcode.

Don’t worry when someone borrow your phone read your privacy. You have applock

Lock anything and everything in phone using <b> AppLock Master - LockDown</b>

♠ Lock apps and personal things from other users applock.

♠ Lock: Messages, Emails, Contacts, Gallery, Google Play Store, Settings, Video, etc..

All this with very less battery and memory consumption!

<b>App Lock</b> helps you to feel secure when using applock:

✔ You share your phone with anyone

✔ You have sensitive contact details

✔ Your kids play with your phone

✔ You have personal images in Gallery, video private.

✔ You have SMS, MMS etc. that you don't want to be shared.


☆ Lock apps 3rd party and system apps as applock, video, message

☆ interface easy to use

☆ Pattern and pin for lock in portrait and landscape screen mode

☆ Less Battery and Memory usage.

☆ Protect uninstalled and installed.

☆ Built in offline password recovery.

☆ Hidden icon of this app

★<b>Specially: </b>

‣ Not affect your battery, no antivirus

‣ Hidden icon of this app and recovery by password recovery

‣ Start this app immediately when your phone restart.


<b>• Can I lock any app?</b>

- Yes, you can lock any installed apps in your device.

<b>• How can I lock the app?</b>

- It's simple, please add apps you want to lock, and set your password.

<b>• How can I prevent this app to be uninstalled?</b>

- Please enable 'Uninstallation Prevention' option in default settings, then AppLock is never uninstalled.

<b>• Is there a feature for forgotten password</b>

- Yes, if you set your email or security QnA, you can initialize your password when you forgot password.

<b>• Can't run AppLock(or AppLock disappears in App Drawer)</b>

- if you hide AppLock's Icon in options, and then AppLock will disappear. To run it, please put 'Widget' of AppLock in Widget List and click it.

<b>• Can I detect instruder ?</b>

- Yes, If you enable 'Observer' feature, 'Observer' will take a picture of instruder and send it via your email.

<b>• What is Remote Lock?</b>

- If you send Lock(or Unlock) Keyword using SMS to your phone from other phone, then, your phone will be locked.(or unlocked) - phone number doesn't matter

* App Name is changed from Applock Master.

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When use AppLock Master - LockDown if you have any problem,

Plz leave your comment in my email, I will change it as soon as possible.

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APK Version 1.2
Compatibility Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread)
Developer iFile Team
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